A Letter To Mom|Happy Mother’s Day


I have struggled to start this letter, after all, how can I possibly convey my love and appreciation into a few paragraphs? I’m not nearly skilled enough as a writer to do justice to all you have done for me in such a short space. I would need encyclopedic-length books to tell it all.

Or, perhaps, just a few short words would be best? Thank You. Thank you for everything you did and will continue to do.

Thank you for bringing us up in a home full of love. For early morning hockey games and summertime camping trips, for family dinners and popcorn fuelled movie nights. For emergency room hospital visits and pancakes for breakfast after a night out. Thank you for all the little moments, the ones that probably seemed inconsequential at the time but are burned into my memory now. For the warm hug after time apart and the tearful goodbye even when you know that we’ll see each other in a few days.

You always make time to listen and do your best to support regardless of how you may personally feel. In a world full of outrage and malice your kindness and love is a rare gift that we have been lucky enough to receive. So, for fear of saying too much, while not saying nearly enough.

Thank you, Mom.

I Love You.

Biosteel Breakdown #14 – Building a Consistent Gym Routine | Why Aren’t You Sticking With It?

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#4 – Kate Beirness — Sickening Hard Work, Kobe Bryant Day, and Inspiring the Next Generation

 Grocery shopping excitement!!! Grocery shopping excitement!!!

In this episode of the #CLP we sit down with television sportscaster, speaker, fitness addict and all around rock star Kate Beirness! We were beyond thrilled to have Kate on the podcast and she absolutely crushed it. We discuss everything from her WNBA dream shattering ACL tears to unpaid work at Rogers TV to becoming co-anchor on the first ever female sportscaster team for the iconic TSN brand. Kate breaks down why you have to work sickeningly hard, often for free, to get what you want. Kate talks about how advice to go backward in her career turned out to be the best thing imaginable, why it’s important to be a strong female role model and her love for training. We cannot wait to have her back on the podcast, hot mics!

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This Podcast is Brought To You By

Our Mothers

Thanks to Karen and Anne for bringing us into this world and keeping us alive long enough to screw it up ourselves.

Biosteel Sports Nutrition

The very best company for high-performance supplements. NSF Approved and Informed Choice endorsed, they have created more than supplements, they’ve created a movement. The only company we trust with our Championship supplementation, check out their website for the full range of products.


Follow Kate

Website: www.katebeirness.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/katebeirness/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KateBeirness

Show Notes

  • 1:13 – How Sylvie and Kate connected
  • 2:40 – Why everyone should go to Bali
  • 4:15 – Kate’s attempt at meditation
  • 5:09 – Kobe Bryant Day
  • 6:40 – Kate’s dreams of playing the WNBA
  • 7:48 – Enrolling in the UOIT Business program
  • 8:26 – Sportsnet Internship
  • 9:10 – The best advice Kate was ever given and how it changed her career
  • 10:10 – The support she received from her parents
  • 11:25 – Kate’s first time on air
  • 12:12 – Working for free
  • 14:50 – Kate’s first part-time gig at Rogers TV
  • 16:30 – Job opportunity in Barrie
  • 17:08 – TSN Interview
  • 19:20 – That the three iconic letters TSN mean to Kate
  • 21:36 – Kate’s daily routine
  • 23:30 – Where Kate trains
  • 24:36 – Who and how someone special changed Kate’s life
  • 26:08 – Women and weightlifting
  • 32:10 – Nutrition and Kate’s shift in outlook
  • 34:45 – Progression towards a healthy body image
  • 36:35 – Kate talks about being skinny shamed
  • 40:23 – The challenges of being a female in sports broadcasting
  • 42:50 – Her Mark Campaign
  • 48:34 – The book Kate is excited to read
  • 49:04 – Why her Granny would make a dope podcast guest
  • 49:36 – What Kate is most excited about
  • 50:01 – Kate’s definition of a champion



#3 – Janey Brown — Anxiety, Meditation, and the Path to a Performance Mindset

 Conquering the world in Costa Rica (Janey Brown & Sylvie Tetrault) 
Conquering the world in Costa Rica (Janey Brown & Sylvie Tetrault) 

In this episode of the CLP we’re joined by our very good friend and online Performance coach, Janey Brown! A performer of 20 years and fitness expert for over a decade, Janey has combined her wealth of experience dealing with anxiety on and off the stage, with her yoga and meditation practice. The result is her brand new Performance Mindset Program. JB opens up about her personal experiences with anxiety, identifying yoga and meditation as coping strategies and why we all need to connect with our authenticity. 


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This Podcast is Brought To You

Biosteel Sports Nutrition

The very best company for high performance supplements. NSF Approved and Informed Choice endorsed they have created more than supplements, they’ve created a movement. They are the only company we trust with our Championship supplementation.  

Follow Janey

Website: www.janeybrown.com/coaching-programs/

FB: www.facebook.com/janeybworld

Twitter: www.twitter.com/janeybworld

Instagram: www.instagram.com/janeybworld

Show Notes

  • 0:40 – GF Buns
  • 3:08 – Who Janey works with as a Performance Coach
  • 4:14 – Janey’s first experience with anxiety
  • 8:18 – How Janey used strategies to cope with early anxiety  
  • 9:11 – The different ways that performance anxiety manifests in your life
  • 11:34 – Janey’s Inner Trash Talker
  • 14:15 – The struggle and futility that is perfectionism
  • 15:30 – What Janey’s performing career looks like now?
  • 19:26 – Janey’s vocal injury and what it taught her
  • 22:32 – The journey into Yoga and fitness for Janey
  • 24:50 – The yoga community and why the right ‘type’ matters
  • 27:35 – Janey’s relationship with yoga and its philosophy
  • 33:15 – Mindfulness and Meditation, Janey breaks down the similarities and differences  
  • 38:00 – Meditational influences and styles that Janey prefers
  • 40:55 – Our societal and personal resistance to meditation
  • 44:20 – Janey’s personal meditative practice/ schedule
  • 46:40 – Performance Mindset Coaching
  • 49:30 – Connect with Janey
  • 50:00 – Fearce Academy
  • 50:30 – Championship Round 



#1 – Welcome Champions

Welcome to the first ever Championship Lifestyle Podcast, a health, wellness and mindset podcast by the North, about the North.

In our first episode, we wanted to give you a brief background on who we are, how we ended up in your ears and what to expect moving forward. It is just a quick hello before we dive into the good stuff next week. Thank you so much for your time and keep crushing it Champions

“Sucking at something is the first step to being kind of okay at it”

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Brought To You By

This podcast is brought to you by our Mothers. Thank you so much to those wonderful women for bringing us into the world and giving us a chance in life, we love you.

Show Notes

  • 1:04 – Sylvie’s Story
  • 6:29 – Sylvie’s Website
  • 6:44 – Sylvie’s Program (Inner Athlete)
  • 7:20 – Adrian’s Story
  • 10:21 – Why we started this podcast
  • 13:08 – Six in the Six Series