I have struggled to start this letter, after all, how can I possibly convey my love and appreciation into a few paragraphs? I’m not nearly skilled enough as a writer to do justice to all you have done for me in such a short space. I would need encyclopedic-length books to tell it all.

Or, perhaps, just a few short words would be best? Thank You. Thank you for everything you did and will continue to do.

Thank you for bringing us up in a home full of love. For early morning hockey games and summertime camping trips, for family dinners and popcorn fuelled movie nights. For emergency room hospital visits and pancakes for breakfast after a night out. Thank you for all the little moments, the ones that probably seemed inconsequential at the time but are burned into my memory now. For the warm hug after time apart and the tearful goodbye even when you know that we’ll see each other in a few days.

You always make time to listen and do your best to support regardless of how you may personally feel. In a world full of outrage and malice your kindness and love is a rare gift that we have been lucky enough to receive. So, for fear of saying too much, while not saying nearly enough.

Thank you, Mom.

I Love You.

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