We are joined this week on the #CLP by the dynamic duo behind Move Daily, Dain Wallis (Strongman / Nutritionist) and Freyja Spence (Movement Specialist). It was a great conversation with a pair of people who are genuinely concerned with the state of health and how a proper and holistic approach can allow for a pain-free life and optimal functioning. We discuss their different paths, Dain’s as an internationally competitive Strongman and corporate desk jockey and Freyja’s as a lifelong health coach and EDS sufferer. We get deep in the woods at a few points but it is well worth it and there are some great takeaways for your life. Please Rate, Review, and Share!

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Cassandra Hope


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Show Notes

  • The Modern Day ‘Body Break’ Team (2:45)
  • What is Move Daily? (3:15)
  • Freyja’s Wellness Background – How Personal Health Struggles led her into the industry (5:35)
  • Dain’s love for powerlifting and wellness – The decision to leave behind the corporate world (11:00)
  • Dain’s time spent in Belguim (2 years) – The benefits of the European lifestyle and struggles of the fitness scene  (14:51)
  • The Nuts and Bolts of Strongman Competitions (23:10)
  • Assess don’t Guess – Slow Progressions for long-term improvement (26:12)
  • What is EDS (Ehlers–Danlos syndromes) and how can it affect your life (31:54)
  • The challenge of identifying auto-immune conditions, especially as a child or young adult (40:30)
  • The newly released Move Daily Health Podcast (45:22)
  • What’s coming up for Dain and Freyja – E-Book / Costa Rican Retreats  (49:00)
  • Dain’s Nutrition Approach (53:00)
  • The foods that Move Daily could never live without (58:40)
  • Champ Rounds (1:00:40)

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  • Paulwall2837 said “Genuinely get excited to listen! Great topics and great flow, Adrian and Sylvia definitely know how to keep you interested!”
  • The Stretch Therapist said “what a great time – informal, raw and just an all around good time.”

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