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Show Notes

  • Julian’s Relationship with his twin Brother and their Family (2:00)
  • Knowing exactly what he wanted to pursue from a very young age – The value of a defined path (10:00)
  • IQ and EQ – Understanding the importance of both and how to leverage them (11:30)
  • The difficulty in transferring traditional classroom academics to the training floor and real-life situations (14:00)
  • Moving Back to Toronto -Door to Door flyers and learning to hustle (15:30)
  • Are we forgetting how to work hard and hustle for what we want? (21:00)
  • Internal vs External Rejection (26:25)
  • Julian’s Why (31:30)
  • Ultra Marathon Running & Ironman Triathalons – Julian’s First 100 Mile Race (34:30)
  • The most challenging part of running 100 miles (39:45)
  • Julian’s fear of swimming and how he and his Mother approached it together (44:00)
  • How to mentally prepare for physically and emotionally demanding tasks (48:00)
  • Lifestyle Management – Changing how you brush your teeth (54:00)
  • Revamping 2Point0Toronto (56:20)
  • Quick Seth Godin Fanboy Session (1:03:00)
  • Championship Rounds (1:06:00)

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  • I’m a fan of information and value. There are only a few podcasts I rock with that are worth the time, JRE with Joe Rogan, Championship Lifestyle, Think Space with Joss Biggins, Gary Vee Audio with Gary Vee etc. We should be auditing everything, audit the BS out of your podcasts and your ear. I’m rocking with this podcast pretty much every day”
  • Paulwall2837 said “Genuinely get excited to listen! Great topics and great flow, Adrian and Sylvia definitely know how to keep you interested!”
  • The Stretch Therapist said “what a great time – informal, raw and just an all around good time.”

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