We all have our favorites – things that we love eating and want to eat all the time but know that as delicious as they are they may not be supporting our bodies and promoting high performance in the way we want. We believe that you should fully own your indulgences, if the moment, and food, really mean something to you then eat it. This article is focused on the smaller things, the decisions that added up make a big difference but with a few simple switches go from hindering to helping.

Cream and Sugar -> Coconut Oil / MCT Oil / Alternative Milk

We love coffee, it starts our day, fuels our meetings, and settles down on a Sunday with us to read a book. Chances are you do as well, and unless you enjoy your coffee black chances are high that you add cream, milk, or sugar to your cup of joe. We are suggesting a switch from traditional dairy to alternative milk (almond, coconut, or macadamia being our favorites) this will help reduce inflammation associated with commercial dairy products. We also love adding coconut oil or MCT oil for a little brain boost, they also slow down the caffeine release which can help in avoiding jitters or crashing.

Traditional Potatoes -> Root Vegetables

We do believe that potatoes have gotten a bit of a bad rap of late, but it’s also their own fault for being so delicious when thinly sliced and tossed in a fryer. As much as we love a bag of salt and vinegar chips having them all the time can be a problem. Our suggestion is to give the root veggies some love, sweet potatoes, yams, turnips, beets, cauliflower, squash. In addition to being having a lower glycemic index, they contain more fiber and boost a different nutrient profile which is important for your bodies overall health. They are also delicious and in-season at your local farmers market.

PC:Ryan Vilaca

This last point may come off as blasphemy, how dare you eat a burger or wrap without a bun but hear us out. Traditional buns and wraps are often highly processed and refined, making a transition to a lettuce bun or green wrap is a great way to avoid these unnecessary carbohydrates, especially if you are sticking to a Paleo-esque diet. It also means you get the full taste of the ingredients, they do not become muffled under a far too large bun.

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