Our guest this week brought a lot of laughs, as well as a lot of insight to the fruition of a Toronto- based street food brand. Matt Basile, the creator of Fidel Gastro’s shares his journey from leaving a corporate job to selling sandwiches off of a food truck. We discuss the evolution of the food industry, fighting; and how to find work-life balance. He shares stories from his childhood and his connection with family traditions, his education in Advertising and English, his experiences working in different kitchens, his knowledge acquired from working in a butcher shop, and how lifestyle plays a key role to sustaining healthy energy.  He talks about different personalities in the Food Industry such as Anthony Bourdain, and how food is a vehicle for interesting content. He speaks about the parallels of running a kitchen and combat sports that include; sacrifice, perseverance, endurance, focus and the importance of being calm under pressure. We enjoyed having Matt on the podcast, and creating awareness about his new book Brunch Life, which can be found at Chapters, Indigo and Amazon- it is the #1 Best-Seller in the Brunch Category.

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Show Notes

  • The Story of the name – Fidel Gastro (6:30)
  • Matt’s Advertising Background (9:00)
  • The Aspects of Fidel Gastro (12:30)
  • Ask for Forgiveness, not Permission (14:00)
  • The Start of Matt’s Company (17:00)
  • Lisa Marie (20:00)
  • Matt’s Childhood Relationship with Food (22:30)
  • The Process Behind Menu Creation (26:00)
  • Creating Company Culture in a Transient Work Place (31:30)
  • The Rise of Chef Popularity (37:00)
  • Anthony Bourdain (41:30)
  • Boxing – Matt’s Journey back to health (42:00)
  • Matt’s outlook on Connor vs. Khabib (52:00)
  • How Combat Sports have Improved Matt’s Performance in Kitchen (59:00)
  • Champ Rounds (1:03)
  • Vesuvio’s Pizza – Matt’s Pick for the Junction’s Top ZA

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