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Welcome back Champions! This week on the #CLP we take a look at our Top 3 Most Influential Practices and Products of the last 6 months. Being involved in the health and wellness industry requires the ability to make intelligent and applicable recommendations for optimizing life, basically, we end up trying several products and practices every couple of months. Today’s episode highlights the best of the best from the last half year of exploration. Let us know what you’ve been incorporating and what we should try next!

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Mushroom Coffee

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  1. I enjoyed listening to this podcast. As always, very informative – thank you for always keeping me learning!!

    I’d like to share 2 tools I implement to improve my lifestyle:
    1) What is the most important task today?
    2) Pack lunches to the office

    1) What is the most important task today?
    Every morning before leaving for work I visualize my day and identify the one main task I need to work on in order to make someone else’s life better. For example, this could be completing a major project milestone for the team, being productive for your boss, or solving customer issues. What matters is focusing on the task that will be of the most value to your customers (whoever they are, could be your boss) in order to move forward in reaching your goals. I believe it’s a good tool that helps me sort between what keeps me busy and what I need to accomplish to achieve my purpose

    2) Pack lunches to the office
    In my experience, packing a lunch to the office is sometimes not the most socially satisfying habit but it doesn’t matter. For most active individuals who also spend long hours working at an office, I believe taking the time to pack a lunch (late breakfast for IF, smart snacks, healthy lunch, supplements) as opposed to relying on foodcourts can go a very long way in planning for more efficient workout recoveries while also helping with being more alert and focused at work. Over the last year I have started packing a lot more lunches to work (Lululemon bags make the best lunch boxes) and it’s definitely helped me in improving my lifestyle

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