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What Up Champ World?

Want to learn how this brand expanded to 3 cities and 8 clinics in less than 4 years? Yea, we did too.

This week kicks off Year 2 of the #CL podcast and what a way to do it! Since moving to Toronto’s health forward East End we have been hearing about Myodetox, a brand set on delivering treatment in an engaging way. Enter our guest, Dr. Kevin Marryshow, a Toronto-based chiropractor, and one of the original three members of Vinh Pham brain-child, Myodetox, to share both his personal journey and that of the company. Myodetox has leveraged the rise of social media (Instagram) and influencers in ways few treatment based companies have even imagined and we wanted to hear about it. Kev breaks down the company origins, the importance of storytelling, and why they believe so strongly in changing the treatment environment. Humble and complimentary of the brand’s that have come before them throughout the interview it really was a pleasure to record this podcast. Tons of immediately implementable information regardless of the industry you exist in! Enjoy, Rate, Review!

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Website: Myodetox

Insta: @drkev_hybrid

Show Notes

  • IG World – The Value of a Signature Move (6:00)
  • Kevin’s Biz Card (7:00)
  • Value of Team Sports – Kevin’s Love for Basketball (9:00)
  • Journey into Chiropractic Care (11:35)
  • Starting His First Clinic – People Don’t Just Show Up (16:00)
  • Meeting Vinh Pham – @vinnierehab and Scott Marcaccio – @scottmarkk (18:40)
  • Origin Story of Myodetox – A System not a Location (23:45)
  • Myodetox Expansion – The Role of Social in Growth (28:00)
  • Storytelling – How it Impacts their Business (30:00)
  • Instagram Branding Strategy – Giving Information Away for Free (36:50)
  • EDU-TAINMENT (45:20)
  • What Problems Myodetox Wants to Solve (51:30)
  • Champ Rounds

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