I love Toronto, despite the high cost of living and infuriating traffic my heart hurts every time I leave and I smile ever whenever the city skyline appears in the horizon. This Wednesday added another check to the Pro-Toronto column. Giovanni Marsico assembled one of the most experienced, humble and giving lineups (Robin Sharma, Seth Godin, Dan Martell, Gary Vee plus many more) for a day of learning and sharing.

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Below are the top 5 things I learned at the Archangel Summit!

1. Come from Love

A message that was a theme in every single presentation and physically palpable throughout the day. We MUST come from love or our business and in many regards our life will never be successful. We crave authenticity and recognize it innately if we are pretending to care or falsifying love everyone will know. Be genuine, be loving and want to make a difference.

2. Consume Knowledge Viscously

On two separate occasions (perhaps more that I can’t recall in the aftermath) the archaic nature of our education system was discussed. In a rapidly changing society, our academic institutions have refused to adapt. However, in both instances, the pursuit of knowledge was praised and stressed. We must devour content on our topic with malicious intent, learning is a muscle that must be trained every day!

3. Have Patience in the Process

This is one of the lessons that I am admittedly horrible at. I want to do everything and I want it to happen yesterday. Our culture has been set up for instant gratification and we have forgotten the importance of patience and process, I may be the worst of all. It will happen when it happens and no amount of impatience and hurriedness will accelerate it. We can only work hard and enjoy the process.

4. Dance with your Fears

Seth Godin used this specific term but the message was consistent across all speakers. Fear is present and will always be present, something that I am intimately aware of every time I agree to fight another man for sport. We cannot repress fear; it will merely wait in the wings until the next moment you truly care about an attempt to bring ruin. If we can dance with our fears, acknowledge them and appreciate them we can create greatness.

5. Know What You Know

This seems obvious but merits repeating, know what you know. Understand your craft completely, inside and out, and be able to discuss and debate all of its aspects. BUT, if you don’t know, admit you don’t know. We often think people will judge us for not knowing but truthfully they will be impressed with the honesty. Shine in the light, don’t fumble in the darkness.

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