I have meant to keep track of all of our grocery receipts over a 4-week period but try as I might they always seem to disappear into the wash or the back pocket of a pair of jeans never to be seen again. I would love to see a total of all of our ‘health’ expenses broken down into a monthly average. I place health in quotations because those costs are not a separate entity, they are synonymous with our lifestyle. We feel they are valuable enough.

We understand the hesitation to adopt a new lifestyle, between the overpopulation of “health” information (this time the quotations indicate the ridiculous shit that sometimes passes as health information) and the incurred cost involved it is quite intimidating. A tough sell when 3 bananas, 2 avocados, and a chicken breast ring in at $76.34 and we haven’t even begun to factor in gym memberships, supplements and running shoe costs.

We want to help make health a priority and have created our top 5 Tips for Hacking your Health!

#1 – Buy a kettlebell (or 2)KB.jpg

Kettlebells, as we know them came into existence 350 years ago but are first noted as a training methodology in early 1900’s. For a long time, I dismissed them because of their “difference” rather than celebrating the new opportunities in front of me. They are amazingly versatile and can be utilized to build strength or improve conditioning. I would suggest picking up one lighter bell (20-35) and one heavier bell (40-75). For roughly $100.00 (2 months of gym membership) you will have everything you need for killer workouts. Pair them with a couple of mini-bands and you can say goodbye to Globo-gym.

#2 – Cook at home and in batches

This is a time investment but when we don’t have funds to throw at a problem we better attack it with some sweat equity. A 2015 study by the Commerce Department showed that money spent eating meals outside the home has overtaken grocery sales with the trend only shifting further in that direction. I am certainly guilty myself, I can remember a summer three years ago where I ate 90 percent of my meals out, it was fun and expensive. In an effort to frugally eat quality food we suggest you head back to the kitchen and start cooking in batches. Preparing larger portions will save time and money. The more time I spend in the kitchen the more I enjoy the smell of sautéed onions and garlic, the sound of the knife on the cutting board and the smooth sounds of Leon Bridges.

#3 – Buy supplements online

I have a friend who will shout indignantly if you mention paying full price for retail, let’s treat supplements the same. Buying directly from the supplier when possible will certainly help you cut cost plus it saves you a trip to the store. By removing the third party you get to save money and experience direct delivery, this seems like an easy choice.

#4 – Join a CSA (Community Shared Agriculture)


This is one of my favorite suggestions on the list, ordering a CSA is a great way to help save money and eat/ support local. Community Shares Agriculture is a service that delivers fresh, local, seasonal food to your doorstep, connecting your table with the farm. We personally utilize Mama Earth and in addition to eating fresh produce, we get an opportunity to have fun trying to create meals out of whatever is in the food box. Sylvie wrote a similar article all about nutrition tips that you can find over here.

#5 – Buy a Water Filter

I inwardly cringe every time I buy a bottle of water out of the house. Environmental factors aside it really is not an economically sound decision, especially if you are trying to avoid plastic. (separate post on-route) That being said I have visited places where you couldn’t have paid me to drink the water, not Flint, Michigan bad but fairly close. Our suggestion is to buy a quality water filter and attach it directly to the tap, this ensures that all water is filtered and clean without cluttering the fridge with Brita containers.

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