We say it all the time but our guest this week was amazing, insightful, honest, intelligent, a mom or three (soon to be four) and so much more. A lady that has more on her plate any week then some do in a month, EnergyTree Anne Matthews. Anne was kind enough to take time away from her two clinics and online training program to sit down and discuss her journey from Toronto to BC and back again. Originally a collegiate track athlete turned district manager, Anne began treatment with an Acupuncturist that changed her fitness career. Now an owner of two clinics (Toronto and Stoney Creek) and focused on a fertility specialty Anne is upfront about the crazy race that is life, something refreshing in a world preaching  Enjoy, Rate, Review!

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This Podcast is Brought To You By

Our Mothers

Thanks to Karen and Anne for bringing us into this world and keeping us alive long enough to screw it up ourselves.

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Show Notes

  • How we met Anne
  • What Anne’s Biz Card says- Go to Instagram
  • Why training for track and field is miserable – Phenomenal Change Requires Phenomenal Effort
  • How Anne started personal training
  • Performance-Based Training vs. Holistic Approach
  • Dealing with Injuries and developing an eating disorder
  • Discovering Acupuncture – Being open-minded enough to try
  • Moving Home and managing 2 clinics
  • How the Energy Makeover Started – The Value of Prizes
  • Dealing with 3 businesses plus 3-1/2 kids
  • What Anne’s tattoo’s mean – C.S Lewis & Steve Prefontaine
  • Champ Rounds