Welcome back Champions! We’re bringing you another amazing episode with an East Coast connection that absolutely crushed! Sheena Russell is one of two co-owners and founders of the company, Made With Local. Made With Local is a brand based out of Atlantic Canada that creates healthy snack options that are delicious, good for you and most importantly contain “No Weird Stuff”! We sat down with Sheena to discuss the company journey from home kitchens and farmers markets to shelf space across the country in Sotheby’s, Bulk Barn, and several health food stores. Sheena discusses the early struggles of entrepreneurship, how their purpose as a company has evolved and why staying true to their name is so important. We’re also treated to a few hilarious stories and a special guest! This episode is definitely one of our favorites and we hope you enjoy it even as half as much! Rate and Review!

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Show Notes

  • Made With Local – Version 1
  • The day job – How Government Email led to the Side Hustle
  • “No Weird Stuff”
  • The Flower Cart – How one phone call changed the purpose of the company
  • Pushing Capacity and Growing Together
  • Commitment to a local product and what that means for Sheena
  • How Sheena and her partner just started scratching their own itch
  • How to evaluate your products (The Fear of What It’s Worth)
  • Farmers Market Incubators
  • What’s next for Made With Local
  • How Starting with Gritty Atlantic Canada was a great springboard
  • A visit from Debbie
  • The Amazing Available Products
  • Creating Coconut Soap
  • Championship Rounds