This week on the #CLP another superwoman who has spent her entire life solving interesting problems in every role imaginable, from cleaning cottages to high-level health care. It was an absolute pleasure to sit down and chat with Dr. Meghan Walker and learn about her journey, how a personal health struggle led her into the office of a Naturopathic Doctor and exposed her to an idea and approach that has shaped her life. A Naturopathic Doctor and Entrepologist Meghan now hosts her own podcast, advises and aids practitioners in clinical business and is about to roll out a brand new online coaching platform. She was kind enough to share some amazing insights over the course of this episode and the passion and intelligence she brings to her work is immediately evident. We touch on her personal journey through the world of health and tech, the areas of struggle for her go-getter clients, passion versus purpose and living a life with intention. It was an amazing episode and we hope you enjoy listening half as much as we enjoyed recording. If you found value in the episode, Please Rate, Review, and Subscribe!

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Show Notes

Who is Meghan Walker

How Dr. Walker views the body as a complex system

The Health Care Continuum – Western vs. Holistic

Drawing a line in the sand – Dr. Walker’s own health journey

Research regarding the Birth Control Pill

Entrepreneurs and Go- Getters –

The Sugar Struggle – How it affects our allostatic load

How hacking the system for productivity starts with behaviour – Rest, Training, Etc.

Entrepology Labs – What now occupies Dr. Walker’s time

Transitioning away from her traditional practice and into Tech

Dr. Walker’s take on Balance – Doing life with Intention

Purpose vs. Passion –

Early Entrepreneurship – Your Chores

The culmination of our decisions – How it shapes us

Championship Rounds

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