Our guest this week on the #CLP is a girl boss who has worn more hats than most: author, business owner, exercise specialist, yoga instructor, health and wellness expert, wife, and Mom! We sat down for an amazing conversation with Jenn Pike and loved the episode. Jenn opened up and discussed her journey from exercise coach, to business owner to published author and so much more. We dive into her current passion and focus, The Hormone Project and how she is helping women of all ages maximize their life. Jenn shared some amazing stories about struggling to run a profitable yoga and fitness studio, being down to her last 20 dollars, starving for information, and refusing to go away and how her own personal need for simplicity started her online journey. Please Rate and Review!

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The Hormone ProjectDirect Link

Website: www.jennpike.com

Insta: @jennpike

Twitter: @simplicityjenn

Facebook: Jenn Pike – Founder of the Simplicity Project

Show Notes

  • What’s on Jenn Pike’s Business Card?
  • Jenn’s early fitness journey
  • Opening and eventually selling Simplicity Yoga & Fitness
  • How Brick and Mortar Business improves online performance
  • Jenn’s principles for online success
  • What surprised Jenn about owning a business
  • Visibility – Profitability- Attrition
  • Jenn’s biggest ‘Crash and Burn’ moment
  • What Jenn has learned from all of her clients
  • The Simplicity Project – Pamphlets to Community
  • The New CISS – Cortisol, Insulin, Sugar, and Stress
  • Who the Simplicity Project is for!
  • All about the Hormone Project –Collaboration for the Client
  • What it means to self-publish
  • Championship Rounds