This week on the #CLP we are joined by Calisthenics, street workout expert, and Master Trainer Carlos Salos. Carlos is a Venezuelan born coach based out of Toronto and dedicated to pushing forward the Calisthenics movement in Toronto, think break dancing or parkour a decade ago. Carlos was gracious enough to sit down with us and discuss his journey, working through an ACL injury and how an exchange program to Venice Beach led to a love for the pull-up bar. Carlos has spent the last 5 years immersing himself in the culture to better his life and the lives of his clients. If you like the episode be sure to review and share!

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Show Notes

  • What is Calisthenics?
  • How an exchange program to Venice Beach changed Carlos life
  • Calisthenics in Venezuala
  • Governing Bodies for Calisthenics
  • Progression and Learning
  • Where you are going wrong on your push up
  • Calisthenics Breakdown (Pull / Push)
  • Competitions (Freestyle vs. Fitness)
  • Montreal Market – The creation of outdoor parks
  • Working with Carlos
  • Tools for improving your skillsDiversifying your training
  • Champ Rounds