This week on the #CLP podcast we are joined by owner of the Health Loft, creator of the Shredded Mind Formula, public speaker, chiropractor and unleasher of superhuman performance, Dr. Stephanie Estima. Dr. Estima was kind enough to host us in her beautiful Toronto clinic to discuss her practice, chiropractic care as it relates to children. public speaking and her newest project, The Shredded Mind Formula. Stephanie’s energy and passion for her work are contagious from the very first sentence. The podcast is full of amazing takeaways, ready to be implemented to turn you into your own superhero! Please Rate and Review!


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Insta: @dr.stephanie.estima  / @thehealthloft

Twitter: @dr_stephanie

Show Notes

  • Stephanies educational journey
  • Why we love superhero movies
  • Brain health and how Steph’s time in psychology and neurology affects her practice
  • How you should sleep. Pillow? Blankets? Mattress?
  • Therapy for children – Limiting distress and the Webster Technique
  • Typical Adult Injuries – Acute Neck and Back Pain
  • Stephanie’s Favourite Superhuman Story
  • Archangel Summit Vol 1 & 2 – Dealing with Fear from the Stage and Post Talk Highs
  • The Shredded Mind Formula – 4 Part Program
    • Fuel
    • Framework
    • Fears
    • Futures
  • Championship Rounds