This week on the #CLP we are joined by Impact Kitchen Co-Founder, friend, and deliverer of delicious food, Josh Broun. We couldn’t be happier with how this podcast turned out, Josh is so open and transparent when it comes to his idea, execution, and struggles that have made up his journey. Josh originally attended school for Health Science, 8 months of backpacking and reflection pushed him towards firefighting before he decided to build a career in health and wellness. Th story of how Impact came to be is one we’ll let Josh tell but the restaurant is a staple in Toronto’s east end health scene and one of our favourite places to grab a bite to eat. The community, quality of food, and amazing staff all contribute to the pleasure that is eating at Impact. Please Rate, Review, and Share with all of your friends!


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Show Notes

  • Josh’s Fitness Story
  • Impact’s Beginnings
  • Educational Journey
  • Family, Friends, and Food
  • The influence travel has had on Impact
  • Building a world-class company culture and how Impact hires new employees (Enter and Exit)
  • Impact Nation – The evangelist community
  • The cost of quality – Drawing lines in the sand
  • Sourcing ingredients – Local and Seasonal
  • Who is Frank?
  • Building work ethic in those around you
  • Structure and the Need for Processes
  • What’s next for Impact?
  • Brand Inspiration
  • Balance and Scheduling
  • Champ Rounds


  • Kevin Darby (DTS)
  • Matt Nichol
  • Charles Poloquin