This week on the #CLP we’re battling it out on the boards and behind the microphone with Canadian Olympian, turned TSN Sportscaster, Tessa Bonhomme. We knew this interview was going to be awesome from the moment we turned the microphone on, we just didn’t realize how awesome. Tessa opens up about her hockey career, the pressure her father put on her, transitioning from Tessa B into Olympic gold medalist and falling in love with the camera and mic. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording! Don’t forget to rate and subscribe from more lessons from those living the Championship Lifestyle!

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Show Notes

  • Where Tessa is from (Northern Ontario)
  • Childhood sports and how Tessa’s Dad didn’t want her to play
  • How Tessa’s parents have shaped her into the woman and athlete she is now
  • What training as a young athlete looked like for Tessa
  • Callen McGibbon – Mentor and more
  • Why being in charge of your own schedule can be so difficult and how to motivate yourself
  • Being selected as a National Team Alternate
  • What it meant to Tessa watching that team win gold
  • OSU – What it means to be a Buckeye
  • NCAA athletics, National Carding, and the (lack of) payment structure
  • Creating a Championship culture and what that meant to Tessa
  • Moving to Canada and sacrificing time with friends and family
  • 2010 Olympics – Maintaining focus despite distractions
  • Opening ceremonies and making that magical walk out of the tunnel
  • “Say Cheese”
  • How Tessa’s life changed after 500 g of gold was put around her neck
  • Charity and why it means so much to Tessa
  • Leafs TV – Seizing the opportunity
  • An affair on hockey –What’s the worst case scenario?


  • Troy Smith
  • Marie-Philip Poulin
  • Rebecca Johnston
  • Frank Hayward
  • Paul Hendrick
  • Mark Asken