We kick off Season 4 of the #CLP with the man with the magic hands, chiropractor, Mike Prebeg. Mike is an amazing practitioner and we have been fortunate to work alongside him on several collaborative projects over the last 5 years. A graduate of New York Chiropractor College, Mike is one of the best in the business, combining techniques from a variety of therapy modalities, including ART and Contemporary Medical Acupuncture. A self-professed science nerd, Mike has treated some of the very best athletes in the world and we loved having him on to talk about his career. Please rate and Review!

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Website: www.mikeprebeg.com

Twitter: @drmikeprebeg

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Show Notes

  • Manual Therapy and why it’s so exciting
  • The game of life
  • What ‘performance enhancement’ means to Mike
  • How Mike started in chiropractic medicine
  • The value of subjective findings
  • What is tissue and how it affects the nervous system? “Strolling Under the Skin”
  • Using treatment to “up-regulate” the system
  • Mike’s educational journey and selling pharmaceutical drugs
  • New York Chiropractor College
  • Searching for the missing treatment link (Macmaster Contemporary Acupuncture Course)
  • How working with committed people is what matters.
  • The field of chiropractic medicine and why you can’t judge industries on old treatment therapies
  • Real-time results
  • Breathing – Why it matters!
  • Skills in Hand – Moving online
  • Why you don’t have time to waste time
  • Getting the Range
  • Championship Rounds


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  • Dr. Jean-Claude Guimberteau
  • Mark Scappaticci
  • David Leaf
  • Pavel Kolar
  • George Poulus