On this week’s episode of the #CLP we sit down with Toronto based award winning realtor David Binns. This introduction is not nearly encompassing enough, in addition to being an award winner he runs the Binns Group with his sister, is a life coach for the iconic Landmark organization, is newly involved in ManTalks and is set to host his first ever wellness summit, Mind, Body, Reset. We were immediately impressed by his passion and commitment to personal development, which has created the foundation for his other success. We discuss his weight loss transformation, spending money on yourself first, morning routines and why he believes the mind is the key to health and so much more. We could have spent another few hours sitting at the table with David and hope you enjoy the episode. Please rate and review!

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Follow David

Website: www.binnsgroup.com

Event Website: www.mindbodyreset.co

Facebook: @David Binns

Instagram: @david.binns

Show Notes

  • How Scott started training at Parabellum MMA
  • Who is David Binns
  • How he started in real estate and the present Toronto market
  • The only thing we have is our word
  • Unscripted Musical Interlude
  • Walking into Impact Kitchen (Josh Braun) and Cold Walking
  • Personal Mindset and Health
  • Meditation and Intuitive Therapy
  • David’s Self-Care / Exercise Routine
  • Cycling Therapy – Why David loves long distance cycling
  • Listening to your body – Less is sometimes more
  • David’s Recovery and Sleep Routine – Dr. Stephanie Estima**
  • How you can start taking back control of your time
  • Mentors along David’s journey
  • Landmark – Who they are and how David became involved
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Mind, Body, Reset: David’s newest project and why you should sign up
  • Championship Rounds


  • Sabrina Heartsong
  • Josh Braun
  • Stephanie Estima
  • Meghan Walker



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