On this week’s episode of the #CLP we are joined by professional Mixed Martial Artist, business owner, and the original hipster, “Handsome” Scott Hudson. In addition to being one of Canada’s top lightweight fighter’s Scott has just launched his own training and nutrition business. We discuss his upcoming bout with BTC: Valhalla, what Thailand taught him about happiness, bad weight cuts and living a life you love and want. We hope you enjoy the episode, please rate and review!

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Website: www.handsomescotthudson.com

Facebook: @handsomescotthudson

Instagram: @handsome_scotthud

Show Notes

  • How Scott started training at Parabellum MMA
  • What it’s like to live and train in Thailand
  • Learning to live with very little and finding happiness
  • Creating a life based on his own desires and passions
  • Previous sports background Scott’s upcoming fight announcement
  • How he approaches his fights and fighting specialists
  • What Scott’s parents think of fighting
  • Becoming your parents
  • Fight training (Strength training, Technique, Running)
  • Trail Runs – Spending time in nature
  • In-Camp Nutrition (Pre and Post Weight Cut)
  • Post-Weigh-In Gluttony, IV Rehydration, and Fight Day Pancakes
  • Scott’s Fighting Mindset
  • Running in Nature
  • HandsomeScottHudson.com (Scott’s newest business)
  • Who Scott doesn’t work with
  • Championship Rounds


  • Parabellum MMA
  • Dr. Callum Cowan