This week on the #CLP we’re joined by Executive Chef of Natures Emporium, Culinary Educator, and Food Innovator, Stephanie Tucci. Steph is an amazing person whose passion for helping others through training and nutrition was obvious from the first sentence. We talk about the role of food and cooking in her journey from illness to health, being a lady chef (boss) in the world of cut throat kitchens, how she creates new recipes and her interests in Ayurvedic cooking. Enjoy, share, rate, review! 


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Thanks to Karen and Anne for bringing us into this world and keeping us alive long enough to screw it up ourselves. 

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Show Notes

  • Steph’s Grandpa
  • A decade of health Issues and the path to cooking 
  • 21 Minute Wall Sits 
  • B.C. weight loss camp and how it impacted Steph’s outlook 
  • Why she believes it’s important to be strong in and out of the kitchen 
  • How Steph organizes and oversees her kitchen 
  • Natural Gourmet – NYC 
  • Food Athletics – How Steph creates recipes 
  • Epic Kitchen Fails 
  • Steph’s primary nutrition principles 
  • Her love for pizza 
  • Orthorexia – How it dominated her life for so many years
  • Being a strong female in a male dominated industry 
  • Menu Makeover 
  • Ayurvedic Medicine – What is it? 
  • Championship Rounds


  • Natural Gourmet Institute for Health 
  • Matthew Kenny Culinary School 
  • Institute of Holistic Nutrition (IHN) 
  • Sarah Tsai – Top Chef Canada
  • Dr. Patricia Gabryl (Naturopath) 
  • Adam Assenza 

Books / Movies

  • Killing It! An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Keeping your Head without Losing your Heart – Sheryl O’Loughlin