PC: Jeremy Dupont
PC: Jeremy Dupont

We kick off Season 3 of the #CLP with number 91 of the Tampa Bay Lightning, Steven Stamkos, the 2008 first overall draft pick, two-time Maurice Richard Trophy winner, 4-time All-star team member and close friend. Our summer program began as a way for Gary Roberts to help Stammer with his own training, that decision has led to so much more, including this podcast We loved this interview, and feel very fortunate to have Steven open up on so many personal topics. We discuss the recent injuries that have plagued his last few seasons, what he has learned from adversity, why you need to be continuously adapting, and so much more. The parallels and lessons learned in his career are relatable to any vocation or journey in life and we hope you take something valuable away. Please rate and review! 



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Our Mothers 

Thanks to Karen and Anne for bringing us into this world and keeping us alive long enough to screw it up ourselves. 

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Twitter: www.twitter.com/RealStamkos91

Show Notes

  • Scary Gary 
  • How the Stammer became the first GRHPT client 
  • Who Stammer looked up to coming into the NHL 
  • From Iron Man to Rehab, dealing with three difficult injuries 
  • Limiting Negative Days but accepting them 
  • What Stammer would do if he wasn’t able to play the game he loves 
  • Leadership and what it means to wear the C  
  • Day in the Off-Season 
  • Pre game Routines (pre-game meals/naps) 
  • Superstitions 
  • Saving mental energy for the performance 
  • Changes in training: gymnastics, wrestling, swimming
  • Constantly adapting and refusing to stay the same
  • What Stammer learned from his parents and when he learned what they gave him (Father)
  •  Scouting reports and why he never knew his ranking 
  • Wanting an opportunity and being forced to prove himself 
  • What it means to be a good professional 
  • Championship Rounds


  • Gary Roberts 
  • Martin St Louis 
  • Elliot Friedman 
  • Bob Mackenzie 

Books / Movies

  • Remember the Titans (Anything Denzel)