In this episode of the #CLP we sit down with Finn O’Hara, a Toronto based Photographer, Director, and all around creative genius. I met Finn through an event with Adidas, which we spoke about during the podcast, and was immediately struck by not only his quality of work but also the passion and intelligence he brings to each conversation. We talk about a bit of everything, from lessons learned through sport to free-work. Finn shares what it took to go from shearing sheep in Ireland to a feature exhibit at the McMichael and Budweiser commercials. We loved this talk and think you will too, it’s full of insight and couldn’t stop scribbling notes. Please rate and review. 


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Our Mothers 

Thanks to Karen and Anne for bringing us into this world and keeping us alive long enough to screw it up ourselves. 

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Show Notes

  • Finn’s business card (Checkers and Chess) 
  • Traveling Europe and being drawn home
  • Old Toronto 
  • Self- Commissioned Work 
  • The first time Finn was paid for his work
  • How Finn deals with being threatened (overwhelmed) by the task
  • Why he loves working with the athletes
  • Creator Squad Campaign – How we met. 
  • Patrick Chan/ Steve Stamkos – Being close to the action
  • Lessons learned in the Net 
  • Nutrition and how it affects Finn’s work 
  • Pre-Production Rituals 
  • Why Finn hates being late
  • What Finn’s exercise program looks like 
  • Becoming a pescatarian and how he views it as an investment
  • The Instagram Effect – Positive or Negative? 
  • Spam Laws – How they have changed?
  • State of photography when Finn began 
  • Free Work – How Finn’s feels about it
  • McMichael Art Exhibit 
  • Finn the Director, how it began
  •  Commercials 
  • “The Wind”
  • Finn’s present camera 
  • Championship Rounds


  • Steve Stamkos
  • Kevin Pillar
  • Connor McDavid
  • Lou Lamoriello