In this episode of the #CLP we’re joined by Tzabia Siegel, a graduate of Western University, The Edson Institute of Nutrition, and The Coaches Institute. A clinical nutritionist and life coach, Tzabia blends together both aspects into an amazing and unified approach. We love the passion she has for guiding and teaching and the information in this podcast is both conceptual and practical. We dive into common nutrition issues, the importance of a behavioural approach, free movement and why using sound is critical for therapy. Don’t forget to rate and review.


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Show Notes

  •  Childhood Nutrition – Nature vs. Marketing 
  • Picking Fruit and Vegetables
  • Local vs Organic (The Dirty Dozen) 
  • Photography and Creativity 
  • Why Tzabia believes in both Nutrition and Nourishment 
  • Why it’s important to be fully present when we eat
  • What is her definition of clinical nutrition 
  • Biomarker Testing (What and Why)
  •  The prevalence of Candida
  • Life coaching – Experience and training (CTI
  • What are emotions tell us and why we often replace them with food. 
  • The value of sounding to release and move emotions
  • Free Movement – Moving without structure 
  • Championship Rounds