In this episode of the #CLP we sit down with Jamie Snow, a Toronto-based trainer, who’s honesty and vulnerability is an inspiration. A former NCAA Div 1 soccer player, Jamie is now the lead trainer and general manager of Fuel Training Club. We talk about her journey in the training industry and how it relates to her 10 years dealing with a severe eating disorder. We discuss why Jamie loves the term, “Struggling Strong” and how she applies that message to her day-to-day life. We loved recording this episode and hope that you find inspiration in whatever your struggle is. Don’t forget to rate and review. 


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Our Mothers 

Thanks to Karen and Anne for bringing us into this world and keeping us alive long enough to screw it up ourselves. 

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Show Notes

  •  NCAA Div 1 Soccer – Where Jamie went to school on a scholarship
  •  Raw Powerlifting 
  • Fuel Training Club – Jamie’s home gym and where she fills the role of lead trainer and GM
  • How Sylvie and Jamie met/ Insta creep
  • How Jamie entered the world of strength and conditioning 
  • Movement courses with Ido Portal 
  • All about animal flow and the different positions 
  • The importance of play and how it alters our development 
  • Struggling Strong – What it means to Jamie
  • Her struggle with a 10-year eating disorder and what stage she’s at now 
  • How sharing her struggle has been helpful for Jamie. 
  • The best you can in everything you do today
  • What changed 12 months ago for Jamie (Landmark)
  • What Jamie uses to cope with situations
  • Morning Routines and Sleep 
  • Public Speaking and Ted Talks 
  • East Coast Connections 
  • Social Media – How you use it matters most
  • Championship Rounds