In this episode of the #CLP we kick off Season 2 with former NHL hockey player, and one of our mentors, Gary Roberts. Gary reinvented his career at age 30 after he suffered what could have been a career-ending neck injury. He immersed himself fully in nutrition and strength training and now credits both for allowing him to come out of retirement and play another 13 seasons in the National Hockey League. We became involved with Gary through his high-performance program and have been lucky enough to spend the last 6 summers training the next generation of NHL stars. We love the interview and hope you do as well.  


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Show Notes

  •  How changing his lifestyle extended Gary’s career
  • What happened at age 30 
  • Discovering Active Release Therapy in Vail Colorado
  • The moment Gary knew he was going to retire
  • Meeting Charles Poloqiun 
  • Loss of identity 
  • Life of an athlete 
  • Different athletes that Gary played with and who impressed him the most
  • What separates the very best players from the pack? 
  • Nutrition. Gary’s approach with basics. 
  • Ton Brady’s new diet book 
  • Gary’s view on carbohydrates 
  • Biggest problem with young players and their nutrition 
  • Who assisted Gary’s last NHL goal
  •  His relationship with Steve Stamkos 
  • Experience with Tampa Bay to end his career 
  • “They’re saving us for playoffs” 
  • Chasing down head coaches 
  • What it means to be a good coach
  • Coaching minor hockey and why it is still a very simple game 
  • Scary Gary! 
  • Who Gary would love to talk with now. 


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