FO shure you going tcho die...
FO shure you going tcho die…

On this episode of the #CLP we sit down with Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and owner of Phenom High-Performance Medicine, Callum Cowan. We were introduced to Callum through mutual friends (fighters), who had begun to work with him on their performance and were raving about the results. This was one of our favourite episodes to record from season 1, the information is in-depth yet easily implementable. We discuss everything from Callum narrowly avoiding dentistry school to mitochondrial health, fight trips to Brazil and fiber. It gets a touch sciency at times but please stick with it, the passion that Cal displays discussing the industry and his clients is wonderful and we can’t wait to have him on for round 2. Rate and leave a review!



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Show Notes

  •  Callum’s definition of High Performance
  • Why Callum decided to enter the field of Naturopathic medicine
  • Callum’s athletic background (A trend with our guests)
  • Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Naturopathic vs. Western Medicine (Who, When, What) 
  • Mitochondrial Health
  • Methylation
  • Genetic Testing  – How it relates to your health and companies involved
  • The biggest challenges Callum’s clients face
  • A mistake that stands out in Callum’s mind as a point of growth
  • What it takes to build a successful clinic
  • Our trip to Brazil and Callum’s love for MMA 
  • The new rules regarding weight cutting for fighting 
  • Nutrition Philosophies 
  • Food vs. Supplements
  • Marcos and Micros (Nutrients) 
  • Supplements everyone should take 
  • Fiber and why we need more


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