Raptors win with the crew...A few more members of this picture will be on the podcast in the near future...
Raptors win with the crew…A few more members of this picture will be on the podcast in the near future…

On this episode of the #CLP we sit down with former National team Badminton player, serial entrepreneur and tech investor, Prakash Chand. Kash has been a friend and mentor for the past five years and it was great to be able to sit down and pick his brain. We discuss his career ending injury and how business became a substitute for the hard work he was putting in on the court and why athletes love biz. We also dive into his relationship with education coming from and an East Indian family and why he decided to get rid of social media. We loved the interview and hope you do as well! Rate and leave a review!



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This Podcast is Brought To You By

Our Mothers 

Thanks to Karen and Anne for bringing us into this world and keeping us alive long enough to screw it up ourselves. 

Follow Prakash (Kind of) 

Website: www.askthedoctor.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/askthedoc/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/askthedr

Show Notes

  • 2:40 – How we met 
  • 3:20 – Kash’s early failures
  • 5:10 – How the Toronto maid service began 
  • 9:45 – How Ask the Doctor started
  • 13:50- Kash’s intro into badminton 
  • 15:20 – Retirement (What that meant) 
  • 16:40 – The advice he now gives young players
  • 19:38 – Athletes and their loss of identity 
  • 23:30 – Kash’s relationship with education (Past and Present) 
  • 29:10 – Parenting 
  • 31:05 – Balance. Does it exist (Vince Alton) 
  • 34:40 – Extremistan 
  • 37:30 – Ram Nayyar (Kash’s role model) 
  • 44:34 – Strategies for performance on and off the court
  • 52:30 – How Kash controls his nutrition despite his schedule 
  • 53:24 – The value of priorities 
  • 56:35 – Championship Rounds 
    • – Championship Rounds 


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