Conquering the world in Costa Rica (Janey Brown & Sylvie Tetrault) 
Conquering the world in Costa Rica (Janey Brown & Sylvie Tetrault) 

In this episode of the CLP we’re joined by our very good friend and online Performance coach, Janey Brown! A performer of 20 years and fitness expert for over a decade, Janey has combined her wealth of experience dealing with anxiety on and off the stage, with her yoga and meditation practice. The result is her brand new Performance Mindset Program. JB opens up about her personal experiences with anxiety, identifying yoga and meditation as coping strategies and why we all need to connect with our authenticity. 


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Show Notes

  • 0:40 – GF Buns
  • 3:08 – Who Janey works with as a Performance Coach
  • 4:14 – Janey’s first experience with anxiety
  • 8:18 – How Janey used strategies to cope with early anxiety  
  • 9:11 – The different ways that performance anxiety manifests in your life
  • 11:34 – Janey’s Inner Trash Talker
  • 14:15 – The struggle and futility that is perfectionism
  • 15:30 – What Janey’s performing career looks like now?
  • 19:26 – Janey’s vocal injury and what it taught her
  • 22:32 – The journey into Yoga and fitness for Janey
  • 24:50 – The yoga community and why the right ‘type’ matters
  • 27:35 – Janey’s relationship with yoga and its philosophy
  • 33:15 – Mindfulness and Meditation, Janey breaks down the similarities and differences  
  • 38:00 – Meditational influences and styles that Janey prefers
  • 40:55 – Our societal and personal resistance to meditation
  • 44:20 – Janey’s personal meditative practice/ schedule
  • 46:40 – Performance Mindset Coaching
  • 49:30 – Connect with Janey
  • 50:00 – Fearce Academy
  • 50:30 – Championship Round