Episode 2! We are beyond excited to have one of our close friends and serial entrepreneur Vince Alton as our first guest on the podcast. Vince is a testament to hard work and personal development, plus he has helped us move a time or two and that’s not an easy task.


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Brought To You By

This podcast is brought to you by our Mothers. Thank you so much to those wonderful women for bringing us into the world and giving us a chance in life, we love you.  

Show Notes

  • 8:30 – Father’s Stroke 
  • 21:00- Value of Morning Routine
  • 25:30 – Why Vince believes you have to wake up early
  • 32:20 – Why Reading Matters
  • 44:36 – Why Challenges
  • 46:50 – Why balance is bullshit
  • 50:15 – Western Society doesn’t work hard enough 
  • 53:10 – Vince’s Superpower